Tacky, I Know, But My Audience LOVED It

(And now for a lighter moment to change the subject.)

“What does P.U. stand for?”  L. asked me this morning.

“Pepsi Uncle,” I answered.  (Pepsi Uncle was the name of a long ago jack-o-lantern of mine when I was around L’s age so I could call it “P.U. Pumpkin.”)

“No!” L. laughed.  “What does P.U.P. stand for?”

“Oh!” I exclaimed as I realized where this was going.  “It stands for pup!”

“Yes!” L. giggled.  “What does P.U.P.P. stand for?”

“The same as pup, just with some extra P,” I answered, then paused.  “That pup needs to go outside!”


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