Bad Marriages (Part One)

(This is a continuation of yesterday’s thought.)

Since people want to talk about marriage so much lately, let’s talk about marriage for a bit, and not the “Yay! marriage” variety favored by L’s Mother, but the kind of marriage that I personally oppose . . . you know, the “bad” kind.

A bad marriage is a unique form of misery all its own, and I’ve seen more than a few in my time, but one in particular comes to mind right now.  This marriage was just a bad idea from the start, so much so that people literally came from miles around to spray their unwelcome opinion bullets at this couple.  This was done mostly by family and friends, of course, but there came a point where it seemed like even strangers were crossing the street to say “Wow!  You two should not get married!”

Do you think this made a difference to the couple?  Well of course it did!

It made them want to get married even more than they had wanted it before, causing them to entrench on the matter, pretty much guaranteeing that they’d get married.

And they did.

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