Bad Marriages (Part Two)

And it was bad . . . really, really bad.  They divorced . . . eventually, but they stuck it out longer than they probably should have, and do you know why?  If you do, say it with me:

Because so many people said it was going to be bad, trying to prove them wrong became a matter of pride for this couple.

Now there’s nothing wrong with giving someone fair warning, particularly if you see trouble ahead, but when it’s repeated over and over again, be it just by you or by a group, it becomes nothing more than opinion bullets, and again, pretty much the only result of firing those is causing your target to take cover and entrench.  So unless you want that to happen, keep your mouth holstered and stop thinking that because something is “your opinion” that makes it some kind of magic bullet.

Though actually . . . now that I say that, in a sense it is kind of like a magic bullet; fire it often enough and you pretty much guarantee that you’ll get the opposite of what you were shooting for.

So use those magic bullets wisely, okay?

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