Which, Ironically Enough, Perfectly Captured My Feelings Toward The Morning

There’s no two ways to put this, last night was a particularly rough night on the household.  When the child can’t sleep, the adults too tend to go sleepless, and I can’t honestly tell you who got it worst, but I feel terrible today.

So in an attempt to lighten the mood, when I got up again after Lala took point on parental-style duties, I greeted her with a draggy “Hey, you,” a greeting I promptly repeated to the dog sleeping on the couch.  Then I walked over to the table which was still bestrewn with children’s craft supplies, started to draw something on a piece of paper, stopped, selected another sheet of paper, drew a letter “U” on it, and said “Hey, U.”

This got the mild chuckle from Lala that I was going for, but the real funny part of this story to me is why I set the first piece of paper down.  As I started to draw a “U” on it, I saw L. had already drawn a letter on that paper.

An “F.”

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