And If His Story Is Being Told On Netflix Or HBO, I’ll Bet He Lasts For At Least Two Seasons

Nothing quite like sleep deprivation to give you odd dreams when you do get the chance to sleep.

Before I awoke this morning I was dreaming I was chatting with all these nice people of differing backgrounds who didn’t seem to have anything in common on the surface.  Further conversation revealed, however, that aside from the details of what exactly made them nice people, the only other memories they had were of their good friend who was more dramatic, heroic, and/or interesting than they were in every way.

As one they realized they were nothing more than background characters destined to die to give pathos to the story of the main character.

Naturally offended by this, they started brainstorming ways they could avoid their fate, but before they could get far, one of them was attacked by a couple of deadly, yet seductive, succubi.  (He was the cheerful womanizer character whose role is to die ironically in a fantasy/horror story.)  Armed with the knowledge of his true status though, he began to . . . crassly explain and demonstrate what he was willing to do to . . . distract his attackers, and how letting him live just a “little bit longer” would be more interesting not just for this scene, but in all future scenes as he continued to .  . . ahem . . . “fight” for his life in increasingly outrageous ways.

There was a moment of stunned silence from the rest of the group, then one of them looked at him askance and asked “Really?”, to which his response was to flash a heavy metal hand sign and gleefully point out that he was “Still alive, aren’t I, baby?”

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