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And Then It All Made Sense

November 30, 2015

One of the things I particularly have to watch out for is falling into the fallacious belief that something won’t effect me.  (By that I mean things like other people’s moods or shifts in environmental conditions still within human tolerance, not things like gravity or flying bullets.)  Over the years I’ve gotten better at not making that mistake (Because there’s nothing quite like parenthood to teach you about your limits.), but I still fall into the trap from time to time.

Case in point, today I spent too much time trying to figure why I was having so much difficulty focusing.  Granted last week took a lot out of me, and this week promises to be just as draining, but I didn’t feel bad, just indefinably . . . off.

Then I realized that today is one of those days that isn’t gray enough to be depressing, but neither is it bright enough to perk you up either.

That’s Not The Same Thing As It Not Being Rude Though

November 27, 2015

“That was a rather rude request,” I mentioned in passing to someone a while back.

“Huh,” they said.  “I guess it was . . . here.  It wouldn’t have been a problem in the culture I was raised in though.”

“Actually, it would have been rude there too,” I corrected.  “But it would be considered even ruder to point that out.”

Ah, Thanksgiving

November 26, 2015

“Okay, there’s going to be a delay on dinner,” L’s Mother announced.  “I’m trying something new and I’ve hit a snag, so I’m glad to see that you’re snacking because you’re going to need that to tide you over.”

“This ain’t my first rodeo, little lady,” I chuckled around my mouthful of cold pizza.

I Sailed Into That One

November 25, 2015

(Even though my inclination today is less than cheery, I figure the world has had its fill of “less than cheery” of late, so I’m going to talk about something else instead.)

This morning as I followed my son “the Capt’n” as we sailed from island to island around the house in search of adventure and treasure, I started to realize that I’d been sailing with him for quite some time.

“Capt’n,” I told him.  “I think I be needin’ shore leave soon.”

So naturally at the next “island” we stopped at, he gathered up some foliage and told me, “Here be your leaves, matey.”

Sea What I Did There?

November 24, 2015

As it happens I did get my Internet restored yesterday, and in honor of that, here’s a random bit of silliness because I’m in such a good mood:

Honestly, I wasn’t even listening to what Lala was saying since she wasn’t talking to me.  I just heard her say “aficionado.”

“Are they ever going to stop making those?” I asked her.

Predictably confused, she just looked at me.

“The Sharknado movies were bad enough,” I explained.  “They don’t need to start making them about fish too!”



Place Your Bets

November 23, 2015

After two no shows and multiple excuses, I have be assured that my Internet connection will be restored today.

So I Just Said Yes

November 20, 2015

“Are you done working for a bit?” my son asked me as I got up from a nap.

I felt bad about his misconception for a moment, then I realized that me successfully getting a nap these days requires at least as much work and pre-planning as anything else in my schedule.

The Saga Continues

November 19, 2015

I’m happy to report that over the years I have managed to mellow somewhat . . . a little bit, at least.  So much so that when I found out my cable hadn’t been repaired yet because the technician was stymied by being unable to find the gate in the chain link fence because it was on the left side of the house when he was looking at the right, my first response wasn’t anger, but “He probably shouldn’t be working around electricity then.”

In That Case, Maybe Not

November 18, 2015

Not to be snarky about it, but I really do have parenthood to thank for the lesson that words aren’t the answer to everything.  It seems to be pretty normal for kids to go through phases (sometimes interminable one) where every word out of their mouth is a fuss or complaint, frequently with a generous dollop of melodrama on the side for good measure.  (For instance, the current drama playing out here at the moment is “Why will nobody find something for me because I don’t want to look for it myself?”)  Most kids grow out of it in time.

I think.

It all depends on if comment sections and social media are representative samples or not.

Words Aren’t The Answer To Everything

November 17, 2015

Someone asked me the other day if I cared about current events at all since I talk about them so rarely.

The simple answer to that is while I don’t care about every event some would have me care about, I care about far more than I ever talk about.

Sometimes there’s simply nothing I want to say.