From A Certain Point Of View

All this hype and excitement . . .

*shakes head*

Want to know a secret?

When Star Wars hit the theaters back when it was just “Star Wars” and before they added “A New Hope”  to the title, I didn’t see it for months after, and I almost didn’t bother to see it all because I hated, absolutely detested, all the hype over it.  When I did get around to seeing it, I enjoyed it, of course, but I still remember those months of telling people, “I’ll see it if I want to see it, when I want to see it!”

Guess I haven’t changed that much over the years.

One thing that has changed though is that while I still don’t share the excitement, these days I do understand it, all these people flipping their lids over the premiere of a new Star Wars movie because it makes them feel like kids again.  I get it.

And I guess, in a way, the same is true of me, come to think.


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2 Responses to “From A Certain Point Of View”

  1. an0nym0usbl0gger Says:

    That is funny because I tend to be less than thrilled about anything that has gobs of hype plastered all over it. Anything from movies to books. Generally however after the hype is gone and there isn’t gobs of attention drawn to it, there is a chance it will peak my interested. That is as long as it hasn’t been tainted by someone full of spoilers! This applies to the new Star Wars movie as well. I do want to see it, but not in a crowd of hundreds of a noxious people lol!

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    I hear ya. I HAVE seen the movie by now, but ONLY because a girl asked me to go with her, and even then it was a carefully timed afternoon matinee with only about a dozen people in the theater. 🙂

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