I’m Going Somewhere With This, Of Course

Many (many, many, many . . . stop that!) years ago, I watched a show about some people who amused themselves by skiing at top speed toward a lake just to see how far across the lake they could jump.  Now this was snow skiing in winter, and this lake was cold, to say the least, and hitting the water was just about the worst thing that could happen to you at the end of your run.  However, since this was a good-sized lake, hitting the water was pretty much guaranteed.

Pretty much.

People being what they are, eventually one person managed to jump completely over the lake . . . into the top of a tree . . . then into the middle of another tree, before they finally (not to mention painfully) hit the ground.  I learned an important lesson that day:

Sometimes the only thing worse than not making it over the lake, is making it over the lake!


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