Making It Over The Lake (Part Three)

Lala, you see, had earlier stumbled into the same basic situation that I had just stumbled into, complete with the same sense of disorientation and confusion, but with one important difference.  When she came upon my son, he turned to her and asked one of his reflexive questions whenever he knows I’m nearby, but doesn’t know which precise square meter of the house I happen to be at that moment in time.  He asked her, “Where’s my dad?”

In that moment the strangeness of the situation took on a decidedly dark turn for her since she didn’t know where I was.

She figured it all out pretty quickly, I’m happy to say, but the whole experience left us both on edge, a lot more on edge than we would have been had I just been hit by my usual “flying alarm clock.”

But at least we made it over the lake, right?

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