I’m SERIOUSLY Leaning Toward Idiot

So my five-year-old son has recently found a love for astronomy, and I made the mistake of telling him there was a rare planetary conjunction in the predawn sky, and that is why I’m still awake at four-thirty in the morning because he almost couldn’t go to sleep last night for fear that I wouldn’t wake him up to see it, which if I went to sleep I know full well I wouldn’t.

I do this also knowing full well that even IF we’ll be able to see anything, his attention span will have us out there five minutes at most before he wants to come inside, which is a good thing because he is also going to complain the whole time about the cold, and even that is assuming he wants to get up at all, but I promised him, so . . .

Here I am.

I can’t decide is this makes me a father of the year candidate . . . or just a huge idiot.

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