IOU, One Mercury

Time for some full-disclosure follow-ups to yesterday’s entry:

1. I wanted to clarify that something unrelated to stargazing kept me awake until somewhere between one and two in the morning, and when I went to lie down was when I started thinking about the likelihood of me not waking up on time if I did.  That may be a small difference, but I don’t want to leave the false impression that my first plan was stay up all night.  (I made the right call too.  As a kid I used to plan to get up early to do some stargazing, but all too often found a warm bed more appealing than cold skies when the time came.)

2.  We did see the conjunction, and it was actually two five minute or so intervals that we were outside, and my son never complained about the cold.  He shivered a lot, but he never complained about it.

3.  It was the happiest I’d seen my son in a while, so, yes, it was worth it.

4.  But . . . uh . . . son?  When you read this some day, let the record reflect that I didn’t technically tell you that I saw Mercury, because we didn’t have a clear enough view to the horizon for that to be possible.  What I did is point out Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus, then asked you if you could see Mercury just hidden behind the top of that tree, and you said you did.  That was a dirty trick, I know, but it made you so happy that you “saw” all the planets!  Even so . . . sorry about that.  Well catch Mercury another time, I promise, ideally before you ever even get around to reading this.

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