So Five Years Makes SOME Difference

Lots of random and not so random thoughts in the wake of last Friday’s announcement.  Let’s start with this one though:

First off, somebody unintentionally offended me over the weekend by telling me they noticed that my “second child” announcement was less elaborate than my “first child” announcement.  After a little back and forth we realized she was thinking of this post when the actual announcement was this one.  Once we cleared that up, I still had to admit there are some differences between the two announcements.

Most notably the expressed panic level is dramatically less in the second post, and the gender is mentioned where it wasn’t in the first one.

There’s a good reason for both of those differences.

Five years ago we needed to wait for the ultrasound to determine gender, this time we didn’t, and I’ve also learned some coping skills over those years which is why the expressed panic level is so much less.

My actual panic level is only about ten percent less at best, mind you, but that’s a separate issue.


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