A Letter To My Unborn Daughter (Part Three)

I want you to know that while a lot of fathers fret over having daughters, I’m not one of them.  In the long run I’ll end up worrying less about whom you kiss than I will about successfully teaching you to use proper restraint in . . . “enlightening” those who think they may do anything to or with you without your express permission.  In those cases, whenever possible I want you to first try being diplomatic, but I want you to always remember that freedom from harassment is not only your right, but your left, and if necessary, you can also use kicks.  However you end up handling the situation though, I want you to be smart about it.  We can talk about this subject in more detail a little further down the line though.

I wish I didn’t feel the need to address this matter with you so early on, but given the culture we live in, this one of those “differences” in my lines of thought that I mentioned earlier.  It’s not that I’m not teaching your brother how to stand up for and, if necessary, defend himself as well, but he’s likely to need to do so for different reasons than you will . . . and to admit a sad truth, probably not as often, so that’s why this topic is stronger in my thoughts at this point with you than it was for him.

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for that.  Rest assured it’s a problem with the culture, not you!


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