A Letter To My Unborn Daughter (Part Five)

I’m going to do my best as your father, but if there’s one thing five years of being a father to your brother has taught me, it’s that my best is far from perfect.  I’ll keep working at it though.

In the meantime, I’ll end with more or less the same advice I gave your brother in my first letter to him.  Be sure to cut your mother, Lala, and your brother some slack too, they’re going to need it just as much as I will, and watch out for those people who think it’s funny to tell outrageous stories to children just to see if you’ll believe them.  If someone ever tries to tell you there’s no peanut butter left in the world because a giant peanut better eating black hole has sucked it all away, the Universal perfect child response to that is a disdainful “Nu-uh!” and a scornful look; don’t kick them!  Until you’re old enough to make the determination on your own, just come to me and let me decide if they need to be kicked or not.

There’s a lot more I want to say, but it can wait for now.  Good luck, daughter.

I’m pulling for you.


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