Memorial Day Thoughts 2016

The other day somebody from Europe asked me if I was planning to “celebrate” Memorial Day.  Since the question caught me off guard, I found myself fighting uphill to explain that I didn’t “celebrate” Memorial Day, I observed it.  As there was a slight language barrier involved as well the cultural one, I never did fully get my point across at the time, but I’ve had ample opportunity since then to further consider things.

Some holidays, like Halloween, I celebrate, and if at the end of the day I didn’t have a good time, then I’ll consider the holiday a “failure” for that year.  Memorial Day, on the other hand, is a day I observe with as much quiet respect as possible, with my “celebration” being limited to raising a glass or two to the fallen.  It’s a somber day for me, and having a good time or not simply isn’t something I consider.

Come to think of it, in some ways Memorial Day is easier on me than the holidays I “celebrate” . . . because the only way I can fail Memorial Day is to fail to remember it.


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