Which Probably Says Good Things About You

When I don’t say something about some recent national or world event, sometimes I wonder if anyone ever wonders if I even noticed that it happened.  While I make no special claims of omniscience, thanks to the variety of news sources available to me, odds are good that I probably did notice.  Sometimes I choose not to comment though, particularly if I’m guarding against saying something recklessly impulsive.  (For the record, heartfelt is fine, but I feel there’s more than enough . . . “non-considered” comments floating about cyberspace as it is, thank you very much.)

With that said, one of the heartfelt comments that I noticed particularly caught my eye though.  It was a comment bemoaning that sad state of the word, and marveling that kids are posting about their new Pokémon game as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  Their conclusion, logically enough, was the reason kids were doing this was precisely because this kind of news isn’t out of the ordinary for them; this is the world they grew up in . . . and that conclusion is true as far as it goes.

But the larger truth is that this is the world I grew up in too, so I understand these kids.

If you grew up in a different world than I did, good for you, but the world has been this way for quite some time now, and if you think otherwise, I can only presume that you just didn’t notice.

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