Okay . . . They Need To Warn People With A Face Like MINE, At Least

I am in no way technophobic . . . barring of course my fears concerning things like engineered super plagues, or nuclear (or worse) devastation, or the risks of overlying on A.I.’s, or . . .

Okay, maybe I’m a little technophobic . . . but in a (mostly) rational way.  As a general rule I like technology, I embrace technology.  There are certainly risks to be aware of, costs versus gains to be kept in mind, but I for one am glad to be living in a technological age.

Some lines, however, should never be crossed.

I’ve adapted to the idea that phones are now also cameras, and while I don’t personally embrace the “selfie” culture, I recognize it exists, so yesterday I started familiarizing myself with Snapchat so I could better keep in touch with some people I know who enjoy taking pictures of themselves and the world around them.  So after downloading the app, I’m opening it up for the first time and . . . WHAM!  My phone is now a digital mirror and I’m staring at my own face!

They need to warn people in advance that Snapchat does that!

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