Huh, So That’s What That Feels Like

When I was a kid it was a tradition that I watched Saturday morning cartoons while letting my parents sleep in.  Since becoming a parent myself I’ve thought about those times a lot  . . . generally every morning my son has woken me up over the past five or so years.  In this house a quiet morning has come to mean my son just isn’t awake yet, and when nobody jumped on my bed this morning, I thought that was exactly why I was having a quiet morning.

So imagine my surprise when I got out of bed and heard a soft laugh coming from my son’s room.  After a quick check confirmed that all the other adults in the house were still asleep, and therefore it was impossible that one of them was running interference to give me some quiet, I had just about convinced myself I must have been mistaken about hearing anything . . . then my son laughed again.

Looking into his room, I found him happily occupying himself, and when he noticed that I was there, he smiled at me and said, “Today I remembered that I wanted to let you sleep!”

It was a strange moment for me . . . nice, but definitely strange.  (Particularly after yesterday.)

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