Tales From The Diner (Part One)

The other day I had breakfast at a local diner-type place I knew to be good, but hadn’t gotten around to eating at again since my son grew out of the immobile “potted plant” stage of his development because this place is, to put it mildly, cramped, with tables placed wherever they can fit and still leave a barely passable path around and between them.

That’s actually part of its charm.

Another part of its charm is its timelessness, because aside from some inconspicuous examples of modern technology, for example, the unobtrusive flat screen T.V. mounted on one wall, this place feels like pretty much any small diner/deli from any time since the 1930’s onward, and the food is, of course, excellent.

And so is the talk, which is how I ended up with a week’s worth of stories from one breakfast.

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