Tales From The Diner (Part Four)

Regardless, the real star of my breakfast experience was our server, Alice.  (Again, not her real name.)  Alice hadn’t had a good week, and while she wasn’t complaining, she’d had two noteworthy experiences that week that she was still trying to come to terms with, so she shared them with us.  Alice had been “rude” twice that week, you see, and she was still fretting about it.

That alone tells you a lot about Alice.

The first incident had been when a customer, being displeased with something, took it upon herself to grab Alice roughly by the arm as she passed the table.  (Hopefully I don’t need to tell anyone out there that this is a social no-no.)

“What did you do?” I asked Alice.  Given how upset she was at her response to this incident, I found myself wondering if she’d hit the woman and put her in the hospital.

“I looked her in the eye and said, ‘Ma’am, do not grab my arm!'” Alice answered.  “I still can’t believe I was so rude to a customer!”

That’s when I realized that Alice and I have dramatically different definitions of the word “rude.”

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