A Daily (Paraphrased) Conversation Of Late

Social Media:  Did you hear what ________ said about ______?

Me:  I heard that they said something, yes.  You made sure of that.

Social Media:  But did you hear what they said?!

Me:  Not really, no.

Social Media:  How could you not?!

Me:  Are they experts on the subject or otherwise stating facts that I can independently verify?

Social Media:  No, but . . .

Me:  Do their opinions have the force of law or arms?

Social Media:  No, but . . .

Me:  Then to me it’s just a stranger giving their opinions on a subject, and more often than not these days, it’s a subject I won’t discuss even with people I know unless they are among my closest confidants. 

Social Media:  But they said it,  how can you not care about that?!

Me:  Practice.


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