When Astronomy And Innuendo Collide

Over the holidays my son got a small telescope as a gift, and last night was the first real chance we’ve had to take it outside and show him the moon with it.  This was a big hit, not just with him, but with the rest of the household.

This was a bad thing, financially speaking, because it got me thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve had even a decent telescope, and that I’ve never had the kind of rig that I’ve really wanted.

Knowing this was not the sort of purchase I wanted to do on impulse, I decided to do a little browsing anyway just to scratch the itch, and as I was walking inside I started rattling off a few parameters to myself.

I’d want 4.5 inches minimum, and I’d prefer eight inches, I thought.  More than that isn’t really worth the cost or hassle for my needs, and. . . I’m really glad that nobody is overhearing me right now!


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