L’s First Road Trip (Part Three)

Then I thought about it some more and booked another room as well since there would be four of us total (Me, L., L’s Mother and Lala), and that way we’d all get our own beds (nice, but not strictly necessary) and the maximum chance of at least some of us getting some sleep that night (spoiler alert, this did turn out to be necessary).

Then I looked at the total cost of the two rooms.


I booked them anyway, but as I watched my money fly away I found myself obsessing over a single thought:  When I was L’s age, my Dad wouldn’t even buy me ice cream!(1)


(1)  In Dad’s defense, at the time in question he wouldn’t buy me ice cream because I hadn’t had lunch yet and he was trying to get me to eat some French fries first, but try explaining that to a six-year-old.  Go on, I dare you!


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