L’s First Road Trip (Part Four)

L. weathered the three-hour trip up pretty well.  We hadn’t been on the road too long though before he, and I quote, “changed his mind” and wanted to go back home again, and he wasn’t too happy to hear that wasn’t happening.  To be honest, I wasn’t too happy at this turn of events myself, but I still managed to be reasonably polite and cheery about it when I asked him why he had changed his mind.

I’m really glad I asked.

He told me he wanted to turn around because he didn’t like not knowing where he was or how to get back home again, which I had to admit was a reasonable thing not to like, so I passed the map and details of our route back to him, and all was right in his world once again.

And while we all got a little bored at points, for the most part my son’s enthusiasm at the idea of being in CENTRAL Florida for the first time ever carried the day for him.  Every new aspect he encountered prompted the question if this was a “central Florida” thing, and many a stranger was regaled with the fact that this was his first time visiting.  Only when it was time to actually try sleeping in the hotel bed did he gripe about it being something “he wasn’t used to,” but he still managed to go to sleep . . .

. . . until a little after four in the morning, that is, when he woke up completely disoriented about where he was or how he got there, cried out in panic, and was absolutely unable to go back to sleep after that, not from fear, but from excitement that the field trip would be starting “soon.”

I told you that second room was going to turn out to be necessary.


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