A Clarification And An Apology

Not long after I posted yesterday’s post I was contacted by someone who said, essentially, “Hey!  I post my word counts, but not to brag, but as a way to keep me motivated so I keep writing!”

To summarize the equally essential parts of the much longer conversation that followed, my response was “If that works for you, that’s cool.  I have no problem with that.  We both know that a lot of writers are bragging when they post their word counts though.”

What I didn’t say in that conversation though because I wanted to say it here, is that while I was, of course, aware the person in question posted their word counts from time to time, I didn’t actually have them in mind when I made the post.  I was mostly just giving my personal response to the trend in general.

Yes, the operative word in the above sentence is “mostly” though.

Admittedly, I did have a specific writer in mind as a particularly egregious example of word count bragging, but I didn’t give it any thought as there was absolutely zero chance of them ever recognizing that I was thinking of them specifically.  My mistake was not considering the possibility that somebody else might think I was thinking about them, and for that I truly apologize.

Seriously, if you have the capacity to even consider the possibility that I might have been talking about you in yesterday’s post, you are not who I was talking about.

Trust me.

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