But This Time *I* Was The One Who Realized It Last

Last night as I was telling my son L. a bed time story involving the two Gree, “Hun-Gree” and “An-Gree”, I realized that I needed a third “Gree” character/pun and found  myself drawing a blank.  Knowing that L’s Mother and Lala were at their computers, I asked if they could help me out by looking up another “Gree” word for me.

This proved tougher than you might originally think, but as I was looking over L’s Mother’s shoulder at a word list, she paused in realization then announced, “Hey!  You know what else rhymes with ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’?  Anniversary!”

“Well, yes,” I had to agree.  “But that’s not really the theme I’m going for here.”

Lala got it second, putting me at a distant third in this race.  “It’s your anniversary!” she blurted.

And it was too.

We did it again.



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