Because I Don’t Mind Labels So Long As They Don’t Make Sense

Yesterday, in response to a stranger’s overly personal question, a friend of mine expressed that she didn’t like “labels,” and this exchange dredged up an old memory of mine from the days when I was being asked overly intrusive questions about my philosophical beliefs.

My usual response to such questions is to explain that I consider those beliefs private, in no small part because they are constantly evolving, but some people simply won’t accept a polite “I don’t see how that’s any concern of yours.”  So one day when I was being pressed because I “must have some way to describe what you believe,” I decided to be . . . “accommodating.”

“Just consider me a Zen anarchist pirate,” I told them.


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One Response to “Because I Don’t Mind Labels So Long As They Don’t Make Sense”

  1. Inspiredby Veggies Says:

    Nice reply to those people! I’m all for no labels, life becomes much more simple

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