I’m Still Holding Out Hope That He Was Kidding

What follows is funny story I heard from a server last night.  I’m not sure I fully believe this actually happened to her because I’d like to think that nobody would ever say this without being kidding, but the story is funny none the less:

So I had this table, big party, like fourteen people, and I got the impression that they were not going to be good tippers (You get a feel for that sort of thing after a while.), but I wasn’t too worried about it because this was back in the days when we were allowed to automatically include the gratuity on big parties.  I gave them my best service, and, yes, they ran me ragged, but they weren’t really mean about it or anything, so there was that, and the final ticket, of course, came out to several hundred dollars.

Like I said, I’d already gotten the feeling that no matter what I did there wasn’t going to be a big tip in my future, but what I wasn’t prepared for was there being no concept of tipping at all!  (And, yes, they were American, where, like it or not, tipping is part of the culture.)

“Okay,” I heard one of them announce once the bill had arrived.  “Who ordered the ‘gratuity’?  Because that is expensive!'”

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