“Yes, I Mean It.” (Part One)

As I mentioned yesterday, my family’s Disney World experience was . . . less than ideal.  To give you just a sampling of my son’s complaints:  “It’s too hot!” (It was definitely warm.); “It’s too crowded!” (I’ve seen worse . . . a lot worse, but I’ll admit that he hadn’t.); “The lines are too long!” (We had limited time, so we only stood in lines we could get FastPasses for, so . . . do the math yourself on that one.); and so on and so on.

You get the idea.

Even understanding that much of this was new to him, by the second day when we’d made a special trip so he could see the various Star Wars related attractions and he still wasn’t impressed, I was ready to call it.  A fair shot had been given, but if he didn’t want to be there, I was never one for “mandatory fun time” anyway, so we could pack it up, go home, and never come back.

The “never come back” part, however, inexplicably gave him pause where nothing else had.

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