The Trip (Part One)

Let me start off by saying that I used to enjoy flying, but those days are gone and may or may not ever come back around again.  I appreciate the efforts to make air travel safer, but they add a level of hassle (sometimes involving being literally hassled) that encourages me to avoid airports whenever I have a reasonable alternative (including just staying home).  With that said, on my recent trip it was nice to see that efforts are also being made to make flying comfortable again.  Enjoyable for me it was not, but less painful is at least a step in the right direction, particularly when we’re talking about flying cross-country late at night with a child in tow.

I’m just going to acknowledge that there were difficulties in doing that and gloss over that part, but if you want a window in my mindset after a few hours, I point you to the following text sent out around that time:

Superpower of time acceleration so far failing to manifest.  At least L. finally fell asleep.

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