Which Is Even More Depressing

Last Friday I said the most depressing thing I’d read that week was how school shootings in January are now being reported as being “the first of this year.”

I was promptly corrected that it was, in fact, the eleventh, which perplexed me for a moment until some quick research confirmed that it was indeed the eleventh firearm-on-a-campus incident to date, which, while alarming, most things on that list aren’t the sort of things I meant by the term “school shooting” (i.e., a gun is purposely discharged at a child/children at a school for children).

I’m not trying to split hairs here, that’s still a lot of guns going off for no good reason, and under other circumstances I might have something to say about that, but my research also informed me that the incident I was originally talking about was, in fact, the third school shooting of the year (by my personal tally), and “merely” the first fatal school shooting of the year.

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