The “Rest” Of The Story

I understand completely if yesterday’s post engendered more “Okaaaay . . .” responses than anything else.  Originally I was going to elaborate before posting, but I ran out of time before I found a way to make it “pithy” enough for my tastes.  Today though, pithy or not, here’s the elaboration:

When I first got one of those toys that, among other things, monitors your heart rate (It was a hand-me-down I thought I’d try, not a necessity!) I had a bad moment before I realized I was reading my current heart rate as my resting heart rate.  BIG difference!

On the plus side, that brief scare got me more interested in my heart rate data, and that’s when I noticed something.  The difference in my resting heart rate on days after I’d gotten adequate sleep/rest versus the days after (and I’m going to be kind here) I got “less than ideal for me” amounts of sleep was . . . significant, significant enough for me to make some long overdue changes to my sleep habits, in fact.

So . . . yeah . . . it’s called resting heart rate for a reason.

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