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Excuse Me, Mister Algorithms?

October 31, 2018

Since I voted early, may I be excused from any more political ads until the election is over?


“It’s Okay That I’m Here, I SWEAR!”

October 30, 2018

Today’s frisbee recovery moment got a bit awkward because while I do have standing permission to bypass the fence and enter my neighbor’s yard for retrieval purposes, their neighbor didn’t know that, nor did they immediately recognize me or my purpose until I picked up the frisbee.

This Is How You Measure Success In This Case

October 29, 2018

Over the weekend as part of my continuing efforts to get me and my son outside more, I introduced my son to playing frisbee in the backyard.

Total frisbee recovery tally for the weekend:  3 roof recoveries and 1 neighbor’s yard recovery

That Just Wouldn’t Work

October 26, 2018

Yesterday it came up in conversation that someone Lala knows makes it a habit to say “I love you,” to all her friends.

“I couldn’t do that,” I admitted.

“Why not?” Lala asked.

“Put simply,” I replied, “because by my definition of love, I don’t love all my friends.  Some I do, but some I just like, and I’m there for all of them whenever I can be because that’s what friendship is to me, but love them all I do not.”

Lala seemed kind of saddened by this, and it’s not like I consider it ideal myself, but that’s the honest truth of the matter.  I would like it someday if I could be the type of person who genuinely loves everyone, but I’m never going to get to be that person by lying about it.

That’s . . . My Boy (We Need To Talk About The Downsides Of Comedy, Son, And SOON!)

October 25, 2018

Today my son had a substitute teacher in his virtual class, and early on she had struggled with pronouncing his name to his kid satisfaction, so the second time she called on him she laughingly told him she was just going to call him “Mister Alan”.

Without missing a beat, my son grinned and retorted, “That’s just ‘Mister’ to you!”

Fortunately, his teacher thought it was funny, and when I (instantly) confronted him over it, his reasoning was, essentially, “She set me up for it.  I pretty much had to!”

So I’m Not Dwelling On It

October 24, 2018

As I said on Monday, the construction/remodeling work here isn’t quite done yet, but it’s close enough to being done that if I dwell on it, it’s maddening that it’s not done yet.

That’s My Boy

October 23, 2018

While getting ready for class this morning, my son told me that he hoped that we “didn’t get into a tighter situation than a pair of designer jeans on a well-fed elephant.”  Then he gave due credit to where he’d heard the phrase when I asked him.

The Entry Is Now F Syl (For Syllabus)/CU

October 22, 2018

Despite my schedule snark last Friday, over the weekend I told my son that come Monday we’d be doing our best to have a school schedule again even though the interruptions here aren’t quite done yet.  I told him we’d just have to be flexible.

Keeping that in mind, I started drafting out our ideal time schedule with entries like “M Work” for Monday, and time blocks for doing “Catchup work” should the need arise.  This worked fine until I reached Friday, a traditional light school load day in case we need to do a lot of catchup work to finish off the week.  To make the entry fit, I filled it in as “F Work/CU”.

Then I said it aloud.

Not Even If It Gave Me Its Business Card

October 19, 2018

And while some tweaks remain at this time before the construction here is completely done, I realized this morning that I’ll be returning to a normal schedule soon.

Then I realized I wouldn’t recognize what a normal schedule looked like if it walked up to me, shook my hand, and introduced itself with “Hi, I’m a normal schedule.”

Maybe Even Less

October 18, 2018

Today I read that somebody calculated that you could heat up a cup of coffee if you shouted at it constantly for around a year and a half.

I’m pretty sure we all know people that easily do that in half the time.