Besides, Three Terrible Moments Out Of A Week’s Vacation is Really, REALLY Good

“You’re making a bit much of this, don’t you think?” L’s Mother asked me last night.  “People are just trying to frame the positive, you know.”  (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.)

A good case could certainly be made, I admit, but here’s my point:

Any frame that doesn’t reveal the whole picture is a bad frame in my opinion, and off the top of my head I counted three significant terrible moments with L. from our vacation. I don’t mention this to wallow and get entangled in those moments, but because while my son is ultimately responsible for his own behavior, each one of those moments were because he was overtired and/or being pushed into a situation he had been very clear he didn’t want to do, but he also lacked the decision making skills to navigate to what he did want to do.

Because he’s eight, and those coping skills will come with time.

By the end of the trip he’d learned a few things, and the adults learned a few things, just like the trip before.  Sure, next week I’ll probably talk about the fun moments, but I think the terrible moments (the ones we learn from, at least) deserve better than being glossed over.

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