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Maybe That Lizard Learned Something After All

July 17, 2020

Now I don’t know for a fact it was the same lizard I wrote about in yesterday’s entry (but it could have been), but not long after I wrote what I did yesterday, at the same location I saw a hungry duck eyeing a lizard that had taken refuge on the other side of the mesh.

I Couldn’t Help But Think, “We’ve All Been There, Man.”

July 16, 2020

This morning I watched a hungry lizard on one side of a mesh stalking a bug that was on the other side of said mesh. This was driving the lizard insane because he could see his goal, it was right there, but he couldn’t understand that unless he changed his approach, what he wanted was always going to be impossibly out of reach.

To Give You Even MORE Insight Into My Thought Process

July 15, 2020

Yesterday I referenced the “back bathroom.” In the interest of full disclosure, what I refer to as the “back bathroom” is actually in the front of the house.

Why do I call it the back bathroom then?

Because I spend the majority of my working time in my office in the back of the house, so from my point of view, the front bathroom is the one farthest behind me.

It’s just a quirk about myself that I’ve come to accept.

My Thought Process For THIS Day

July 14, 2020

I need to use the bathroom, but I know L’s Mother is running a bath in the closest bathroom. No problem, I’ll just use the back bathroom.

*Walks past the closest bathroom and sees the door is open* Oh, she’s not in the bath yet! I’ll just nip in and use this one then . . .

*Steps into the bathroom and sees the toilet seat is on fire*(1)

I . . . think I’ll just use the back bathroom instead.


(1) Okay, not literally, but there IS a huge candle burning on top of the toilet seat in anticipation of the bath to come.

My Thought Process For The Day

July 13, 2020

Let’s see . . . I could do a light-hearted entry to let people know that I’m feeling a little better today, or I could do something more introspective to let them know that I’m still processing the news I learned last week.

. . . Or I could say what I just said to myself and cover all the bases.

I Hope That’s Understandable

July 10, 2020

About yesterday’s post . . .

Just to clear up any ambiguity, yesterday I received some unexpected news regarding an unexpected death. Maybe I’ll talk about it more in the future, and maybe I won’t; the only thing I’m sure of at the moment is that I’m not going to say anything more here about it today.

And I’m Just Going To Leave It At That For Now

July 9, 2020

It’s amazing to me that no matter how long ago something happened to someone you knew, it hits you just as hard the moment you find out about it even if it’s old news to everybody else.

The Past Can Be Tricky

July 8, 2020

Yesterday I informed L. and his mother that while her birthday present should easily get here in time, there was a small chance it wouldn’t. This didn’t bother L’s Mother in the slightest, of course, but she asked L. if he wanted to get her something else small to be sure she had something from him on her birthday. He said no.

“You’re okay trusting the present then?” she asked him, meaning that the present would get here on time, but that’s not how I chose to take it.

“Of course!” I chimed in. “It’s the past you’ve got to watch out for!”

My Odd Thought From Late Last Night

July 7, 2020

If you think the fury of a mocked devil is fierce, it pales before the wrath of a disappointed angel.

(This is what I get for staying up so late reading last night.)

Huh, I Really DO Have Time To Change That!

July 6, 2020

I’ve long known that when I’m writing, frequently I’m writing to myself, but even so, today I was struck by how what I wrote last Friday applied to some of my original plans for this week.