So I’ve Had A Lot On My Plate Lately, Is What I’m Saying

Son, I get that in the past couple of weeks in particular, more often than not my response to you asking “Can you ________?” has been somewhere on the “amusement to exasperation” scale. I know I’ve already told you that as soon as I can, I will (and we’re definitely on for that chess game once I’ve posted this and had a quick tea break), but I what I haven’t told you is why my response has been what it has been lately.

Put simply, one of the things on my to-do list that has been helping me keep going is my morning workout (really nothing more than some light stretching and the like to help wake me up, prep for my day, and make it more likely I’ll be up for a more serious workout later in the day), and for the past couple of weeks, not only has my “morning workout” been my only workout, it has consistently been in the afternoon . . .


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