Speaking Of Not Writing (Part Two)

Equally obviously there have been plenty of times before when I wasn’t writing, but this was the first time I’d made the conscious decision to not write and see how that affected me.

Unsurprisingly, writing fills certain needs for me, good needs provided it doesn’t become an excuse for unhealthy avoidance, so making the decision not to write meant I had to find other ways to scratch those itches, and I did. Because I wasn’t in the habit of monitoring those ways like I tend to monitor my writing time, some of them became undeniable time and energy sinks.

Because of the operative word “undeniable,” this was a good thing because they were all things I’ve done off and on for a long time, but this time around I started asking myself why am I spending so much time on things that were intended to make me feel better, but leave me drained and irritable instead?

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