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‘Cause That’s A Silly Thing To Judge Yourself Over

January 29, 2021

After years of joking (and not joking) about it, I finally did dramatically cut back my coffee intake to one coffee in the afternoon, but yesterday I told L’s Mother that I was considering having a second one.

“So long as you don’t judge yourself for it,” she told me.

It doesn’t bother me, per se, that she knew me well enough to say that, but it does bother me that she was right to say it . . .

It’s Okay If You Don’t Get It, She Did

January 28, 2021

“Can you remind me again when you’re planning on taking the Christmas decorations off the holiday tree?” I asked L’s Mother the other day.

“After Candlemas,” she replied.

I just looked at her and sighed, “Now I’m gonna need more rope.”

I Think My Son Just Exceeded Me In Cynicism

January 27, 2021

Today out of the blue my son told me, “I’m placing my hopes on that this country pulls itself together soon . . . not my money, but my hopes.”

The Same Is True If You Watch Old Yeller

January 26, 2021

After yesterday’s post I just want to say that I think Steel Magnolias is a movie worth watching, but you need to know what you’re getting into before hand especially if you’re recording your reaction and have put on mascara that day.

Baby, NO!

January 25, 2021

One of my guilty pleasures in life is watching “react” videos on YouTube, and I snicker every time I see some innocent summer child announce that today, knowing absolutely nothing about what they are about to watch, they are going to watch The Thing or Alien.

But the other day I knew true horror when I watched a na├»ve little southern girl announce, “Today I’m going to be watching Steel Magnolias . . .”

More Than Earned It, In Fact

January 22, 2021

For three days or so now people have been talking about how an old northerner dressed warmly because it was cold.

Oh, what the heck . . . enjoy. I think we’ve all earned some boring news for a change.

It’d Been A Different Story If I’d Been Thirteen! (I Still Miss You, Buddy.)

January 21, 2021

I’m not exactly sure why, but I found myself thinking about my cousin Jimmy this morning. He passed some years before the birth of my son, but I still remember Jimmy as being my fun (if occasionally jerky) older cousin, and wanted to honor him appropriately.

Hey, Jimmy! Remember when you were so proud of yourself when you beat me at Clue? I just want to say that the reason you beat me is the same reason that I didn’t steal your college-bound girlfriend away from you . . . because I was twelve!

Funny That

January 20, 2021

I know full well that not every day can be fun-filled, but it takes a special kind of day for even my “fun” to not have been any fun.

And Risk Without Reason Is Always Stupid

January 19, 2021

There are times in life when one must absolutely brave the storm, but you must equally absolutely avoid “stupiding the storm.”

I’m Still Finding That Kind Of Jarring

January 18, 2021

Yesterday I was in a zoom meeting and I was struck by the juxtaposition of my image on the screen (i.e., the image of a person you might expect to hear saying something like, “No, Mister Kent, I expect you to die.”) and my voice as child (that I’d heard earlier that day thanks to my mother finding some old tapes) saying, “Ah shure doo miss ya daaddy!”