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So It IS Progress

April 9, 2021

So my son finally got around to reading my post entitle “That’s Progress, Right?“. The summation of his response was, “No, not much, at least,” and “If it was anybody but you talking, I’d have called that passive-aggressive.”

He has a point, but it’s still a step up from my aggressive-aggressive days.

I Could Work With That

April 8, 2021

I’m actually really glad I posted what I did yesterday, because after I did it was pointed out to me that a much better way to ask that general question is “So, what’s your day look like?”.

Because The Answer Is “Yes”

April 7, 2021

Look . . . I don’t want to pretend that I never get days off, but people really need to stop asking me, “Do you work today?”.

That’s Progress, Right?

April 6, 2021

To show how I’ve changed over the years (and how I haven’t), today I found myself comforting a friend of mine who had set up a special surprise for someone, and when this person saw it, they basically said, “Yeah, whatever” and left. My friend was understandably upset, and asked me why I thought anybody would do something like that.

There was a time I would have said, “Because they are a horrible person and they will die alone,” but this time I said, “Because they are an awful human being and need sympathy and help . . . but will probably end up dying alone nevertheless.”

Feel Free To Tell Him If He’s Wrong

April 5, 2021

Well it wasn’t easy, but my son and I put in our overtime last week and wrapped up our course on the Roman Empire.

In honor of this, I shall commemorate the moment with the Latin phrase, “Felicitas est parvus canis calidus.”

(That means “Happiness is a warm puppy,” at least according to Charles Schultz.)

I’ll Talk To You Then

April 2, 2021

My mood remains unchanged from yesterday, but I’m going to use the (true) excuse that I’m very busy today because my son and I working overtime to wrap up our current studies so we can take some time off next week.

No Joke

April 1, 2021

I’m just not in the mood to be funny today, which is ironic when you think about it.