So That’s Why I Decided To Share This Tale

I feel like yesterday’s post deserves the full story, so here it is:

Two hours after placing an order, I learned that the delivery needed to be rescheduled if at all possible (It wouldn’t be a tragedy if it wasn’t), so I asked what could be done. I was told that since the order had already been processed, they’d have to coordinate with the shipper, but it should be possible. I thanked them for anything they could do, and moved on.

The “manage your expectations” e-mail was how I was informed (by a different customer service rep) that the delivery had been successfully rescheduled.

Now it should be understood that this company specializes in gifts for special occasions, and feelings tend to run high among customers when it comes to gifts and delivery dates. As such I could easily laugh this response off as nothing more than an unfortunate bit of frustration breaching though someone’s professionalism, but I couldn’t help but picturing just how . . . poorly that turn of phrase could have been received by someone else.

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