It Was A Good Question, And I Didn’t Have A Good Answer

Look . . . disproportionate responses make me uncomfortable, and they always have. Be it overreacting or underreacting, it’s always bothered me, especially if I realize I’m doing it myself, and I have done it myself (ahem) more than a few times.

Okay, a lot more.

I still remember the day I undeniably realized I needed to change my response levels to more appropriate ones and, sadly, it wasn’t when I became stymied (and unnecessarily vocal about it) over having to write a thank-you card to a stranger for an unexpected (but thoughtful) gift.

It was the day I was working the grill in a burger place and I dramatically announced to my boss that we were, “Completely out of chicken!”, and he just looked at me and asked, “And this personally upsets you why?”

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