Grim Thoughts For A Grim Day

Today I briefly got into a conversation with L’s Mother about people trying to characterize the various “Generations.” Now while I fully understand that growing up in different times and conditions has an effect on people (For instance, my grandmother used to wash and reuse aluminum foil until it fell apart long after there was any real need to do so anymore.), for the most I find the generational label just that . . . a label, and just another divisive one to boot.

If you want to characterize a generation, any generation, I can do it in one word:


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2 Responses to “Grim Thoughts For A Grim Day”

  1. A Andrew Speed Says:

    I use a concept that I call ‘Cultural Baggage’ more than I do Gen X or Millennials. ‘Cultural Baggage’ is not just what years you grew up in, but also the other things you had to deal with at that time. For example, as a white boy growing up in the 70’s in the south I dealt with a different set of experiences than a African American boy growing up in the 70’s in the south. Or a Asian American. Or in the 90’s. People can grow up next to each other and have different ‘Cultural Baggage’ just by how society treats their minority or their economic bracket. Opportunities appear or disappear from having or not having made the proper contacts.

  2. Robert Alan Says:

    I think that’s a better concept than generational labels.

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