At Least The Only Lasting Harm Was To My Bumper

One of the advantages of perspective is it gives you the opportunity to realize that not every stupid thing you’ve done was actually “stupid.” For instance, once I managed to wedge my back bumper over a concrete pylon that was invisible to me from the driver’s seat as I tried to maneuver my vehicle around and out of a narrow road that had been unexpectedly blocked off. While I felt especially stupid at the time, I had no visibility and truly was being as careful as I possibly could. The pylon just happened to be the perfect height for me to back over it seamlessly right before the incline shifted just enough to link the bumper and pylon like they were Legos. It was such an improbably perfect fit that even looking right at it once I got out of the vehicle, it took me a while to see it and figure out what had happened.

I’m a little less sure if my gunning the engine and rocking the vehicle until enough of both the pylon and the bumper shifted enough for me to get free was the best solution, but it was the fastest.

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