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I’ll Talk To You Tomorrow

November 30, 2021

You know . . . for someone who named this thing “Candles & Curses,” I’m surprisingly reluctant to make negative entries.

After Due Consideration

November 29, 2021

I have to admit that I consider myself a considerate person, because be something good, bad, or just inappropriate . . . I’ll consider it.

This Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Supporting You

November 26, 2021

It is fully possible for someone to respect your right to make a choice about your life (like, say, moving across country to be closer to some girl), and to hope that it brings you happiness (and it did), but to still think it’s a very, very bad idea (my parents were understandably less than thrilled with my decision at the time).

Sometimes All You Need Is Perspective

November 25, 2021

While this has not be a good day so far (a story that I will never tell another time), it’s been surprisingly easy for me to keep thankfulness in mind.

Having a doorknob fall apart in your hands and thinking, “Wow! I’m glad something like that didn’t happen while I was driving!” can do that.

A Quick Candle For My Son

November 24, 2021

I want to commend you, son, for realizing that much of what people argue about today are indeed “social constructs.” (I’m presuming your mother introduced you to that concept because that’s not a turn of phrase I use.) Once you think about, you start to realize that it’s frankly impossible for every place that claims, for instance, to make “the world’s best pizza” to actually make the world’s best pizza no matter how passionately their fans argue the point.

Once you realize that, you can appreciate the different styles of pizza and pick your own favorite.

The Implications Behind This Just Chilled Me

November 23, 2021

The contemporaneous account of the prosecution (taken from Thomas Wintour’s confession) claimed that the conspirators attempted to dig a tunnel from beneath Whynniard’s house to Parliament, although this story may have been a government fabrication; no evidence for the existence of a tunnel was presented by the prosecution, and no trace of one has ever been found; Fawkes himself did not admit the existence of such a scheme until his fifth interrogation, but even then he could not locate the tunnel.

– Excerpt from the Wikipedia: Guy Fawkes-Gunpowder Plot entry

Credit Where Credit Is Due

November 22, 2021

Today I was accused of having a “dirty” mind after I asked someone to clarify something they’d said that sounded . . . let’s just say, “questionable.”

Mind you, before I could explain what it had sounded like they had said, they figured it out on their own, a fact I was quick to point out to them.

“You’re the one who thought it first!” they accused. “*I* had to take time to figure it out!”

“That just means I’ve had more practice than you,” I retorted.

And A Statute To The Contrary Doesn’t Really Change That

November 19, 2021

I regret to inform my local government that the words “recycling” and “incineration” aren’t actually synonyms.

So I Guess We WON’T Be Watching The Eclipse Then

November 18, 2021

“I’m not getting up in the middle of the night to watch a glorified lunar cycle on fast forward.”

– L.

To Paraphrase A Conversation I Had Yesterday

November 17, 2021

It’s fine to be grown up enough to be able “handle it,” but it’s also fine for one grownup to tell another grownup how they are really doing if both grownups are okay with that.