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Yet Another Tip You Won’t Read In A Book About Parenting

December 31, 2021

Nothing brings a parent and child closer faster than embarking on a mutual conspiracy against the other parent.

Unfortunately, I’m Playing Against Type

December 30, 2021

In life we play many roles.

Today the role I’m playing is “person trying to rest so they can heal.”

It Was A Nice “S”

December 29, 2021

The other day L’s mother was wearing some sweatpants with a large “S” on the waistband in the back.

Do I really need to say any more?

It May Not Be Common, But It IS Possible

December 28, 2021

While it’s undeniably common for fair things to be unfairly called unfair, it is possible for people to have different standards of what is fair and for everyone to still be right.

This Candle Is For Them

December 27, 2021

“Merry Christmas” and the like is said so often that it’s easy to forget that many people did not have a Merry Christmas.

Oh, And Merry Christmas

December 25, 2021

Congratulations to all those involved in the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

And I Still Smell Faintly Of Our Fuel To Prove It

December 24, 2021

By popular demand, we had another series of launches (some successful, some not) of our vinegar and baking soda powered rocket in honor of the scheduled launch of the James Webb Space Telescope tomorrow.

My Pre-Holiday Non-Holiday Thought

December 23, 2021

While it should be self-evident that it’s not logical to expect logical behavior from people who are starving, it is perhaps less self-evident that most people are perpetually starving for something.

Text Flirting Technique -Tested!

December 22, 2021

Suggested “flirty” text that I read about the other day: So I had this dream about you last night . . .

Expected response: Go on . . .

My actual response if I’d received such a text: Go on . . .

(So far so good.)

Suggested follow-up: I’ll tell you about it later.

Expected response: *Proceeds to spend the rest of the day anticipating the later conversation*

My actual response: Why did you bother texting me then?

It Was The Really Blue Bag

December 21, 2021

The following is a paraphrased, but otherwise true, exchange:

Me: Which coffee did you want me to try again?

L’s Mother: The one in the blue bag.

Me: Do you mean [calls out name]?

L’s Mother: That’s not in a blue bag.

Me: *contemplating the blue bag with brown lettering in his hands* Okay, let me ask it this way: Is it the blue bag, the other blue bag, or the really blue bag?