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And As Near As I Can Tell, He Was Right

December 6, 2021

As much as I wish this wasn’t true, some of the most life-changing advice I ever got from teacher was, “Don’t be a teacher; the education system in this country is bad for teachers now, and by all the signs it’s only going to keep getting worse.”

I’m Not Sure What’s Going To Happen Next

December 3, 2021

Today my son reprimanded me for playing my music too loud.

He wasn’t wrong (it was that kind of song), but I still feel like a fundamental balance of the universe has been disrupted.

Not Always, But Often Enough To Give Me Pause

December 2, 2021

And not long after yesterday’s realization, I realized another reason I’m reluctant to post negative things is because if I give it a couple of days, I often realize that I was being petty.

I Learned Something About Myself

December 1, 2021

Thinking about what I posted yesterday, I realized that when I do post something negative, I want to be able to put some sort of positive spin on it . . . and/or make it funny. If I can’t do at least one of those things, I don’t want to post it.