And She Was

So, about what I got L’s Mother . . .

Many moons back her obsession at the time was a game I had bought her, and in that game it was possible to find a bizarre (but cute) in-game pet. One day I noticed that the makers behind the game had started a Kickstarter to produce a limited number of plush versions of said pet. To make a long story short, I backed the project as soon as I saw it, and aside from checking that they’d made their goal and what the approximate shipping date would be, I didn’t give it any more thought beyond mentioning in passing to L’s Mother that I’d gotten her “something.” I truly believed that she had no idea that this plush even existed.

But in actuality, she was very much aware of this Kickstarter, but it had already closed by the time she followed up on it, and she was absolutely crushed that she had missed out. Her exact words to herself at the time (and repeated to me after the plush had arrived) were, “I hope the person who gets mine is very happy with it.”


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