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“This Year”

October 31, 2022

Your Halloween looks a little different from ours this year.

– Me responding to a friend who sent me a picture of their Halloween party featuring what I can best describe as a “leather clad dominatrix bunny.”

Happy Halloween everyone!

Standards For Posting Here, I Mean, Not Personally, Obviously

October 28, 2022

Well . . . according to my son it’s official. I now have my “good morning mug” (filled with tea), my “not a good morning mug,” and my “terrible morning mug” (a novelty mug with a snarky secret I can’t share here because I have standards).

“No Treat, Huh? Well . . . Into The Trunk Then!”

October 27, 2022

Okay, I’m pretty sure I know what they mean by “trunk or treat,” but I can not be the first person to think that just sounds wrong!

Below That Age You MIGHT Have Some Difficulty Figuring It Out

October 26, 2022

“Did you mean to leave your coffee maker on?” I asked L’s Mother this morning because one time out of the hundred or so times I’ve asked her, the answer was yes.

“No,” came her expected answer, so I dutifully turned the machine off yet again.

Knowing full well the strain she keeps accidently putting the poor device under (the coffee machine, not me), she later facetiously wondered aloud why the coffee maker seemed to be burning out faster than normal.

“It’s a mystery for the ages,” I replied. “Ages six and up, that is.”

It’s Illogical, But Also Completely Understandable

October 25, 2022

One of the hardest things for many people to forgive themselves for is for not doing more in a situation where absolutely nothing they could have done would have changed anything.

Either That, Or They’re Voting Themselves A Pay Raise

October 24, 2022

When politicians unanimously agree on something, one way or the other, lives are in immediate and unquestioned danger . . . usually the politicians’ lives.

And She Understood Because She’s My Best Friend Too

October 21, 2022

This morning right after I woke up and stumbled to the kitchen, L’s Mother started talking to me, and out of the blue said, “You’re my best friend.”

I knew my response to that, but I was too tired to formulate the words at the time, so I smiled and made myself a cup of tea. After I was more awake though, I sought her out in the kitchen, put my arms around her and whispered in her ear, “Nobody is my best friend when I’ve just woken up.”

That Sums Up My Feelings On The Matter

October 20, 2022

The funniest headline I read today was, “It’s the end the world (again).”

Um . . . Maybe?

October 19, 2022

“Is it a full moon?” L’s mother asked me last night. (It wasn’t.) “Because my teeth feel extra sharp tonight.”

Now some people would find this a strange thing to say, but not me since I knew exactly what she was talking about. What I found strange was what she (without any intent of being funny) said next:

“Oh well, are you ready to try that blood, I mean bread pudding I made?”

And Despite My Temptation, I’m Not Going To Turn THIS Entry Into A Joke

October 18, 2022

I just want to say that yesterday I went for the obvious joke because I knew it would be a crowd pleaser (and it was), and not because it was true.