Minding Language (Part One)

I’ve referenced the importance of language enough times before that I don’t feel the need to include any links here; suffice it to say that your word choice conveys huge amounts of meaning to what you’re saying. (Okay, one link because it’s fun.) Sometimes this is obvious (e.g., the difference between sincerely calling someone “revered elder” as opposed to calling them an “old fart”), and sometimes it’s complicated by the differing points of view of both the speaker and the listener (e.g., “It’s nice to meet you, sir,” can be intended as showing respect, and interpreted as a crushing reminder that one is no longer young).

(No, I’ve never personally experienced that particular crushing reminder because I’ve never denied my age; I’ve only denied that it mattered . . . provided that the other person’s age likewise doesn’t matter. If you’re confused by this concept, please consult your local constabulary.)

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