About the Blog (i.e., “Why Candles and Curses?”)

Despite how it sounds, the inspiration for the title is far from occult.  The inspiration comes from the proverb “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

It’s not bad advice, and though I appreciate the sentiment, I’ve always felt that it fails to address one key point:

What do you do if you don’t HAVE a candle?

In my experience (and assuming I’m not using said darkness to hide in), I find that a well placed curse now and then relieves stress, as well as letting other people know that I don’t have a candle, and perhaps inspiring them to loan me one of theirs.  Honestly, I’d RATHER light a candle than curse the darkness, but sometimes that’s not an option.

The update schedule for this blog remains freeform at this time, but the plan is take at least a few moments each work day (I try to not work weekends if I can help it) to put some words to the (figurative) paper and work to make them as coherent as I can.   I’m prepared to miss some days, of course, but the theory is that anything that causes me to miss a day will also provide me with something to write about on the next free day.

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